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Tree Planting Services in Wilmington, NC

Trees are essential to our lives as they provide vital natural resources for our communities and homes. They add beauty and much value to our surroundings. Planting the right trees can definitely add distinction to your property.

If you are looking to boost your property and add more greenery, then our team at Coastal Tree Trimmers is the right partner for you. Coastal Tree Trimmers offers unparalleled tree expertise and know-how, serving property owners in Carolina Beach, Southport, Oak Island, Wrightsville Beach, Supply, Castle Hayne, Leland, and Shallotte.  With years of experience in tree planting and tree care, we are confident we will exceed your expectations.

Professional Tree Planting Services in Wilmington, NC

A lot of property owners choose to DIY tree planting in their properties. However, you should never underestimate the impact that proper planting has on the longevity and health of trees. Transferring seedlings to your property takes a lot of care and precision. 

Our team of professionals at Coastal Tree Trimmers will not only help you plant trees on your property. We will also evaluate which trees suit your property best by checking several essential factors: local weather and temperature, soil conditions, space allocation, and regional pests and diseases. 

Basic Tips When Planting Trees

    • When to Plant Trees: Though you can plant most seedlings from containers or wrapped in burlaps throughout the year, most still suggest planting trees when the last leaf falls during the fall season. Roots of plants and trees continue to work even through the dormant or cold seasons. There is little demand for nutrients at the top, so the growth’s focus will be at the roots. This gives the trees an excellent opportunity to settle in for spring. 
  • Soil Test and Preparation: Make sure to test both the physical and chemical properties of the soil. Check for debris and non-soil particles that may come from construction like cement, concrete, etc. Also, prepare good drainage for the soil to help your trees in the long run. As for the chemical properties, testing the soil through sampling is essential to determine which nutrients it lacks and the pH level. You can adjust these through fertilizers. 
  • Organic Components: The soil should contain 10 – 20% organic matter such as compost to improve the soil’s nutrients and capacity to hold water. 
  • Digging to Plant: If planted at the wrong depth, the tree will not receive enough water to help it establish its systems and flourish. Do not add soil on top of the root ball; but instead, build the soil beside it. This allows oxygen to reach the roots through the upper surface of the soil. The hole dug should also be wide enough to allow the roots to spread out. Be careful when handling the roots to transfer them healthily. 
  • Filling the Hole: The best soil to fill up the hole is the same soil taken out while digging. Before throwing it back in, remember to break down clumped solid pieces of soil. Pushing back solid pieces can create air pockets around the roots that could hinder its establishment and growth. 
  • Pruning: Pruning injured, diseased, or dead branches after planting can help a plant, but choosing a healthier tree to plant may be a better option. If the structure of the plant is poor, pruning after planting can help correct it. 
  • Mulching: Spreading mulch made of wood chips or shredded wood helps insulate the soil around the tree’s roots, keep away power tools, discourage foot traffic, and improve the soil as it decays. Make sure to add around 2 to 4 inches of organic mulch over the planted area, keeping away from the roots and the bark. 

There are so many things to consider when planting trees n,o matter their kind or size. This is why a lot of property owners opt to trust the professionals to handle this task. So worry not, because Coastal Tree Trimmers can do it all for you. From tree selection, and soil testing, to mulching, we got you covered!

Trust the Certified Tree Professionals, Coastal Tree Trimmers

Coastal Tree Trimmers is a proudly family-owned, locally grown company. We are dedicated to providing the most exceptional tree service for properties in Carolina Beach, Southport, Oak Island, Wrightsville Beach, Supply, Castle Hayne, Leland, and Shallotte in North Carolina. Our team of trained professionals delivers fast and dependable, high-quality workmanship at reasonable prices for the following services: Tree Trimming & Pruning, Tree Removal, Emergency Tree Services, Stump Grinding, and Tree Planting. 

At Coastal Tree Trimmers, we have all the tools and know-how to accomplish any of your tree planting and maintenance needs. Visit our website at or call us at (910) 431-5731 to get a free estimate!

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