Land & Lot Clearing

Land & Lot Clearing 

Purchasing a new lot is a gateway to exciting possibilities. Whether you want to build a home, business, or anything outside the standard, it starts with having suitable land as your canvas. 

However, new constructions rarely start glamorously and typically require land & lot clearing in Wilmington, NC before you can actualize your vision. Lot clearing (also called brush clearing or removal) is back-breaking, time-consuming work that not everyone is cut out for, but with help from Coastal Tree Trimmers, you don’t have to be.

No matter what you want to build, our team will pave the way for a successful new construction.

Why Work With a Professional Land Clearing Company?

Land & lot clearing in Wilmington, NC is something many ambitious lot-buyers attempt on their own in an effort to save time from hiring a professional company. However, not only do DIY clearing efforts take longer than waiting for a professional appointment, but they’re also more dangerous and tedious.

Quicker Service

Most time spent on DIY lot clearing goes toward acquiring the right tools and establishing a game plan. Unless you’re lucky, your new lot will have large, hard-to-remove debris like plant life and tree stumps that requires special equipment and experience to remove cleanly, which most people don’t have.

On the other hand, professional lot clearing teams will have everything they need to get your land in peak condition and the expertise to make short work of tough obstacles.


Brush removal requires a lot of heavy lifting and machinery operation and typically spans a few days for an inexperienced land clearing team. That extended period and the job’s physical demands make lot clearing hazardous for anyone without extensive experience.

Professional land & lot clearing companies have that experience and strong safety equipment to protect themselves during the job. Without it, they could injure themselves with repeated heavy lifting or an equipment mishap.

Debris Reaches The Right Places

The two most common categories of debris polluting newly-purchased lots are tree limbs and plant life, but they’re far from the only things you’ll encounter. Unfortunately, you have to dump each type of debris in the proper spot, which often requires multiple trips to several locations.

Rather than shouldering that burden yourself, you can hire a land & lot clearing company to transfer the waste to the appropriate locations. 

Top-Notch Land & Lot Clearing Professionals in Wilmington, NC

Land & lot clearing in Wilmington, NC, is a job best left to the professionals, and there isn’t a more skilled or qualified team for the job in Wilmington, NC, than Coastal Tree Trimmers. As our name suggests, we specialize in removing and maintaining trees and tree stumps, two vital services for comprehensive lot clearing. However, we can handle all aspects of your clean-up project, not just tree removal.

Our goal is to prepare every square inch of your lot for construction, so we spare no detail in our clearing services. We’ll use our state-of-the-art equipment to move all obstacles from the area and our plant expertise to identify diseased or invasive foliage and remove it from the site.

We pride ourselves on offering the area’s best customer service, and for us, treating your land like our own is a big part of that. Even though your lot might not have anything on it yet, we’ll be sure not to damage any sensitive areas you need looking their best for future construction.

Trust Coastal Tree Trimmers, Wilmington, NC’s Leading Land & Lot Cleaning Company

Coastal Tree Trimmers offers the best land & lot clearing in Wilmington, NC. With just one appointment, we’ll turn your unsightly space into one ready for your big construction project.

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