Land Clearing Tools and Equipment That Experts Use

Land clearing transforms raw plots into improved land and provides the space for new structures, farmlands, and commercial developments. Clearing land requires years of experience and proper equipment to safely and effectively remove trees, shrubs, and stumps.

Always contact your local land-clearing contractors in Wilmington, NC, to receive professional help for land-clearing projects. Continue reading to learn more about the land-clearing tools used to remove large trees, bothersome brushes, and stubborn stumps. 

5 Land Clearing Tools Used by Professionals

DIY land-clearing projects pose serious safety risks. Fallen branches, heavy machinery, and uneven terrains cause personal injury and property damage if not careful. Tree service experts have years of experience and training in preparing overgrown land for property development. Some of the equipment most widely used for land-clearing projects include: 

Brush Mowers

Brush mowers provide the perfect blend of maneuverability and efficiency. The brush mower excels in areas of your land that prove too tight to fit a tractor and too thick for weed whackers. Seated and walking brush mowers enable experts to remove brush, weeds, and intrusive forest growth during land-clearing projects

Forestry Mulchers 

Forestry mulchers tackle large-scale land-clearing projects located in heavily forested areas. High levels of horsepower and industrial-grade tracks allow forest mulchers to uproot trees, remove intrusive brush, and level uneven terrain. Many available attachments, like tree shears, rotating grapples, and deck mulchers, further improve a forest mulcher’s ability to efficiently clear land. 


Bulldozers prove incredibly effective for land-clearing projects involving larger trees, giant boulders, and vast uneven terrain. Bulldozers use powerful plows, durable metal tracks, and tremendous horsepower to uproot, lift, and remove cumbersome materials during land clearing. Various sizes of bulldozers enable experts to clear both small and large plots of land effectively.

If you seek well-rounded land-clearing tools, the bulldozer remains an essential piece of equipment. 


Backhoes provide valuable versatility for land-clearing projects. Land-clearing equipment must effectively remove unwanted vegetation and transport fallen trees, branches, and shrubs for processing and disposal.

Backhoes consist of two-part articulated arms attached to a digging bucket. The digging bucket effectively uproots trees, removes brush, and transports loose debris away from the cleared land. Additional attachments like augers, grapples, and hammers bolster a backhoe’s land-clearing capabilities. 

Skid Steers

Skid steers function as small tractors. The compact size of skid steers allows maximum maneuverability in areas unreachable by more extensive equipment. The metal tracks of skid steers enable thorough land-clearing capabilities in muddy, uneven terrain.

Suppose land-clearing projects occur next to existing structures and other owners’ property lines. In that case, skid steers offer the safest, most effective methods for grinding stumps, uprooting trees, and eradicating weed growth.

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