Does Clearing Land Increase Property Value? What You Need To Know

Prospective land buyers do not want to purchase land that requires weeks or months of maintenance. The most cost-effective way to entice buyers and increase your property value involves land clearing. 

Land clearing is the removal and disposal of unwanted trees, shrubs, stumps, and other vegetation from a plot of land. Land-clearing contractors in Wilmington, NC, utilize chippers, grapple trucks, chainsaws, and excavators to prepare the ground for future developments or improve the land’s aesthetics. Continue reading to learn the answer to the question: how does clearing land increase property value?

5 Ways Land Clearing Increases Property Value 

1. Improved Curb Appeal 

Properties with low curb appeal fail to excite prospective buyers. Land clearing services provide debris removal options to enhance your existing property’s appearance. Many land-clearing contractors offer additional junk removal services to rid the land of old cars and dilapidated structures. While “what’s on the inside counts” forever remains true, improved curb appeal requires the services of local land-clearing contractors. The outside of your property creates the first impression of potential buyers, so make it count! 

2. Improved Safety 

The safety of your property directly affects the value of your land. If towering trees and thick bramble block road access, emergencies encounter costly problems. Land-clearing services quickly remove obstacles obstructing your land’s vital access and exit paths. Prospective buyers want beautiful land but also want to know their family will be safe on the property. For heavily forested land, land-clearing contractors clear avenues for new roads, further enhancing the safety of your land. 

3. Improved Functionality 

The value of a piece of land that contains the space for new structures and fields yields a higher price. Everyone from farmers seeking new grazing fields for cattle to lifelong gardeners looking to expand their plots benefits from cleared land. Land-clearing services increase property value by making your land functional for everyone. 

4. Removal of Pests 

Why does clearing land increase property value? Nothing interrupts the sale of property quite like prospective buyers discovering pest infestations. Land-clearing contractors can eliminate unwanted pests by removing the ecosystems in which they thrive. Mosquitos love the damp, highly wooded areas that uncleared land provides, while ants, termites, and woodlice flourish on unkempt, dead trees. Professional land-clearing services remove pest habitats easily. 

5. Improved Constructibility 

Raw land quickly becomes improved land with the help of land-clearing professionals. Meeting the zoning and building code requirements entails land must be able to accommodate water and sewage systems. Uncleared land promotes weed growth, causing soil erosion and difficulties installing utilities. Land-clearing contractors remove troublesome weeds and prepare the ground for future building projects. 

How to Choose The Right Land-Clearing Contractors

To maximize the return on investment for your land, the right land-clearing contractors make all the difference. Subpar land-clearing services may excel at removing trees but know nothing about soil health or pest control. When choosing the best land-clearing service for land-clearing projects, consider the following tips:

  • Make sure your contractors have several years of experience providing land-clearing services.
  • Ask about the tools your contractors use. The use of Inefficient tools delays clearing projects.
  • Confirm your land-clearing contractors have insurance. Land-clearing projects can be dangerous.

Trust Coastal Tree Trimmers for Your Land Clearing Projects

Coastal Tree Trimmers answer the question: how does clearing land increase property value? With over 30 years of experience, we tackle all land-clearing projects using state-of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques, while providing the friendliest customer service in the business. To learn more about our services and how professionals do land clearings, contact Coastal Tree Trimmers at (910) 431 5731 to receive your free estimate today! 

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