Stump Grinding vs. Removal: Exploring the Differences

As a homeowner, you may wonder which technique wins: stump grinding vs. removal. The team at Coastal Tree Trimmers decided to compile this simple guide to help you make an informed decision. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further queries about the stump grinding service by Coastal Tree Trimmers in Wilmington, NC.

What Is the Difference? 

The process for each is very different.

Grinding the tree stumps and leveling the ground is the quicker, less expensive option. With this option, we use a stump grinder for whittling away the trunk remnants to just below soil level, leaving the tree roots in place. The sawdust we create mixes with the soil, filling the hole. 

However, there is a chance that the tree will sprout again and that the roots will get in the way of new construction. 

Removal means digging out the entire stump with industrial equipment. The process is more straightforward but entails more effort and costs a fair deal more than grinding. There is no chance of regrowth, but you will need to refill the hole. 

Why Should You Remove the Stump? 

Before debating stump grinding vs. removal, you should understand why we must deal with the situation. Reasons to get rid of the residue include:

  • Rotting wood is a beacon for pests, providing food and shelter
  • The stump is ugly and can affect your property value
  • It isn’t easy to maintain the lawn around the residual trunk 
  • The dead roots get in the way of new construction and landscaping
  • Someone may hurt themselves by tripping over it

Why Many People Choose Stump Grinding

Stump grinding offers several benefits that removal cannot match. 

No Deep Scars on the Landscape

Instead of opening up a large hole, grinding relies on burying the roots. You will not detect the remnants easily aboveground, and you’ll also not need to source a filler material belowground.  

Improved Safety 

Removing a stump requires heavy equipment, so the threat of injury is that much higher. A stump grinder is more maneuverable and safer to operate. 

Less Chance of Property Damage

Removal means allowing heavy equipment onto your property. While the drivers are as careful as possible, this will affect your yard. 

Grinding Is Effective

Most people don’t realize that you can remove all the wood to a depth of up to 18 inches below the surface of your lawn. The sawdust fills the gap, making it easy to cover the area with sod or a flower bed. 

Severely Damages the Roots

When leaving a stump in the ground, there is a slight chance that it will sprout. However, the process is so harsh on the tree that this is highly unlikely. The roots will wither and die over time because the tree cannot respire or produce chlorophyll. 

Makes Things Uncomfortable for Pests

Most pests are unlikely to burrow down inches underground to settle in the remaining wood. While termites and ants might settle, they cannot travel very far because the trunk is gone. Raccoons and rats will find no place to make their home.  

Call in the Professionals To Assist You in Making Your Decision

Do you need professional advice on what’s best for your property? Contact Coastal Tree Trimmers today, and let’s discuss your choices. Our arborist can settle the question of stump grinding vs. removal after an on-site visit and consultation about your goals. 

Are there other trees that might need a helping hand? Find out the warning signs that you need to cut your trees, then get in touch with us for your free estimate. 


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