Why Hiring Stump Grinding Professionals Is a Great Idea

There are several reasons why a tree may need to be removed from your commercial or residential property in Supply, NC. The tree may have become diseased or been damaged by a storm. This could make the branches brittle and the trunk unstable, and your home or structure may be in danger should the tree become uprooted and a branch break. If you are working on a new construction project, a tree may be in the way and need to be removed.

Most homeowners know that tree removal is not a DIY home project. Likewise, tree stump removal or grinding should also not be completed by those without the right training or heavy equipment that a professional lawn maintenance team such as ours at Coastal Tree Trimmers would have. With our tree service company in Supply, NC, you can rest assured that your tree and the tree stump will be removed or reduced to ground level.

What Is Stump Grinding in Supply, NC?

Stump grinding is the process that follows tree removal. When a tree is removed from a property, the tree service professionals will leave the stump. Unless the homeowner plans to incorporate the decaying stump into their landscaping, something will need to be done to eliminate it. This is where our expert tree services come into play.

Many homeowners will ask about the process of removing a tree stump entirely from their yard, and our team at Coastal Tree Trimmers in Supply, NC, is happy to discuss the reasons why tree stump grinding should be considered first. Essentially, stump grinders reduce the entire stump to nothing but wood chips until the remaining stump is below the surface of the grass. The tree’s roots are left in their place, but the stump grinding process eliminates the possibility of its roots continuing to grow.

After the stump grinder has done a wonderful job, new grass, plants, or a new tree can be planted over the ground stump. Using the tree stump grinder rather than opting for tree stump removal will ensure that other trees and plants in the area are not affected as you are getting the stump removed, and new trees can be planted.

Difference between Tree Stump Removal and Stump Grinding

The primary difference between tree stump removal and tree stump grinding is the effect that the process will have on the surrounding landscape. Grinding tree stumps keeps the rest of the yard safe, secure, and free to flourish since the stump grinder will only affect the one tree stump. A stump remover, on the other hand, affects the entire area. Because the tree stump and roots are being pulled out of the ground, it will impact the rest of the yard since roots can grow and spread out widely.

At Coastal Tree Trimmers in Supply, NC, we recommend tree stump removal to those working with new construction or a wide-open piece of land with no landscaping. Tree stump removal also needs to be done carefully since it could impact underground utilities. Nothing will be disturbed when we remove a tree stump with open land. Our tree service team will encourage stump grinding for most residential clients to minimize damage to the other trees and other plants in the yard.

Benefits of Hiring Experts to Remove Tree Stumps

When you hire professional lawn care experts to complete the stump removal or stump grinding process, you can rest assured that the entire procedure will be done effectively, efficiently, and safely. Our team at Coastal Tree Trimmers in Supply, NC, is dedicated to ensuring that all of our clients are 100% satisfied with the lawn care services we provide.

Using a stump grinder or attempting to remove a tree stump on your own is dangerous and very hard work. It is best left to the professionals who have the right equipment, knowledge, and skills to get the job done properly. We make sure there is no tripping hazard or damage to other structures on the property from our work on your tree stumps.

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