The Ultimate Cheat Sheet: How To Hire A Tree Care Service

There are certain jobs homeowners shouldn’t do themselves, and chief among them is tree trimming. Hiring a tree service speeds up the timeline on the project, frees up your time, and comes with the expectation of excellent lawn services.

But before you decide on a trimming service, it’s important to know how to convey your project details, the costs, and how to set up an appointment. We’ll go over everything you need to know about hiring a tree service Supply, NC company.

Get a Quote on the Project

Before you contact any tree trimming service, you should have a broad idea of what services you need. Is it just a few branches hanging over the back porch of your house, or do you need a tree removed, de-stumped, and hauled away?

Each tree is trimmed, and the removal task takes time, resources, and labor. Tree Service Supply, NC providers will need a rough idea of how long they’ll be there, how much manpower they’ll need, and the details of the tree service that you want.

Have as much specific information available as possible to get an estimate for the service over the phone. After the estimate, a tree service will still need to see the project in person to give a proper quote.

Removal vs. Pruning Cost

Before you dive in, it’s important to understand the price gap between full tree removal (including stump grinding) and pruning/trimming costs. The longer a project will take, the more complicated it will be. Time, labor, and resources are spent, and as you can imagine, full tree removal is a much more invested process than trimming.

What Questions Should You Ask a Tree Trimmer?

When you call for an estimate, you should ask the company you’re considering hiring a handful of questions to understand how professional they are and what they can offer you as a homeowner and customer.

How Long Have You Been Licensed/In Business?

Fresh licenses and new local businesses aren’t bad. It shows that the company in question has initiative, but ask yourself: how much experience would you prefer in your tree service to make you feel comfortable and worry-free? More experience doesn’t have to mean a ridiculous hike in price.

Even as a last resort, you should not go with an unlicensed business just because you saw sponsored listings online in your search criteria. Look for verified reviews specific to the Supply area for better information. Look through more than one search results page to find adequate information. Customers will describe their overall rating of tree service in specific detail.

How Do You Handle Debris and Potential Damage?

Tree removal is a messy business. Leaves, discarded branches, and additional debris add up quickly (and a lot of it is heavier than it looks). What’s going to be done about it? Do they offer stump removal?

Your company of choice should remove the debris and clean up the yard. Your property should look worse than when you started the hiring process.

Talk to them about removal and ask what’s offered before you ever welcome them onto the property for a quote so you know they can meet your specific needs.

Are You Insured?

Without insurance, the homeowner is on the line for any injuries to workmen during the tree service. Accidents happen, especially when dealing with an unlicensed tree service that doesn’t have the proper training.

Insurance is a deal-breaker: if the other tree services you contacted doesn’t have proof of insurance, look elsewhere. If a company has insurance, ask them about the insurance claim process if something goes wrong.

It should be a completely hassle-free experience for any homeowner in Supply, NC.

Will You Be Wearing Protective Gear According to OSHA?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has specific guidelines on what gear is and isn’t appropriate for particular jobs.

A qualified tree trimming company will understand this and adhere to all OSHA safety precautions to reduce every safety hazard.

Homeowners often feel like this is an invasive question, but it’s important to know what the workers on your property are doing regarding their safety.

Just because a company is insured doesn’t mean you want to go through the stressful process of an insurance claim.

Can I See Your Credentials and Licensing?

Any professional tree service will have no problem showing you their license and credentials. This is information they should have on-hand regardless of whether you ask or not; otherwise, they’re not the right local businesses for you.

Because of how many unlicensed, uninsured tree services exist, professional companies are more than willing to put your mind at ease by having this information ready.

If they say they’re licensed but refuse to show proof, they’re not worth your time or business. Any business’s suitability for your tree trimming project should partially rely on accreditation, even if it’s just simple lawn maintenance.

Do Tree Trimmers Need to Be Licensed?

Tree services are not required to be licensed everywhere. Anyone can provide this tree service, so there are so many stories about trimmers doing a half job and not offering yard waste tree removal.

Licensed professionals aren’t simply carrying around tools in a random pick-up: they understand the anatomy of trees, how to trim them properly and do it safely. You’ll find that most unlicensed tree trimmers are also uninsured. Get their comprehensive business information before proceeding.

Should You Trim Your Own Lower Branches on Trees?

Trees use their lower branches as stabilization. These branches create structure and reinforcement, so trimming them on your own could unbalance the tree and potentially create a larger problem.

If you’ve seen a tree freshly after being trimmed, you might remember that the branches aren’t normally cut to the trunk, and this is why.

Especially in Supply, NC, where we all know how harsh the weather can get, those lower branches help your trees stand strong during intense storm weather.

Before trimming it, a professional should inspect the tree in question to ensure the lower limbs won’t become a structural problem.

It’s Time to Call the Experts

Once you know what you need, it’s time to call in the professionals. At Coastal Tree Trimmers, our tree service is unmatched. We’re the only family-owned and family-operated trimming business that puts itself in your shoes to find the best possible solution. We have the greatest lawn service Supply has to offer with specific services.

We service the community of the greater Supply, NC area by trimming, pruning, and tree removal in the safest way possible. Call us today to request a free estimate on your next project. From quote to clean up, let our family take care of yours.

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