4 Tree Removal Methods That Tree Service Companies Use

Like people, trees possess unique features and characteristics that make them grow differently. Despite most homeowners working hard to ensure that their trees are healthy and happy, some situations, such as mitigating a potential hazard, necessitate tree removal.

The difference in tree growth and features calls for different tree removal methods. Only experienced arborists will know which methods are best for the situation.

If you live in or around Wilmington, NC, reach out to our team at Coastal Tree Trimmers, the best Wilmington tree removal company. Read on as we explore four common tree removal methods.

Why Is Tree Removal Important?

No matter your reason for removing a tree, it is best to consult a tree removal professional to guide you through the process. Make sure to you point out all issues you’re facing to the tree removal professional.

Tree removal is necessary when:

  • A tree is dead, sickly, or damaged
  • The tree is fallen or leaning
  • A tree  is close to your home or a structure
  • Your trees are overcrowded

If you are uncertain about whether your trees have an issue that warrants removal, a professional tree service will help determine whether they can be salvaged or not.

Our Tree Removal Methods at Coastal Tree Trimmers

Below are some of the tree removal techniques that we at Coastal Tree Trimmers apply for tree removal.


Tree felling is the most common tree removal method. This technique involves chopping or cutting the tree base until it falls, then grinding the stump. Tree felling is a simple process that only requires an ax or chainsaw.

Tree felling requires a professional since one must know where and how to cut the tree to control the direction of its fall. Additionally, tree felling can be hazardous to nearby trees and structures when done unprofessionally.


Climbing involves cutting and removing specific segments of the tree, from the top down. The process involves setting up a rigging table, climbing the tree, and chopping off the particular branches and trunk sections.

Climbing is more time-consuming than tree felling, but it gives the worker cutting the tree more control. Being in control is vital, especially in areas where the tree stands between structures or tree felling is unsafe.


Bucket tree removal is similar to climbing since it involves removing specific sections while positioned on the side of the tree. However, unlike climbing, a bucket truck lifts the workers, enabling them to see the tree as required. The bucket tree removal method is essential when the tree is rotting or too weak to support climbing.

Bucket removal requires a professional to handle the truck and any other special equipment when the need arises.


We use a crane-assisted removal method when the felling, climbing, and bucket methods are too dangerous to use or with very large trees. The process may be similar to the climbing method but use a crane to remove and carry away large tree sections as the crew cuts them. Alternatively, a crane may eliminate any direct involvement of workers and instead have the machine pull the trees from the ground.

Crane removal requires professional tree removers to handle the specialized equipment and is not applicable where other tree removal methods are unsuitable.

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Tree removal can be dangerous. While there are many tree removal questions to ask before hiring professional removers, you can trust our team at Coastal Tree Trimmers of Wilmington, NC, to do a perfect job.

We present the full range of tree removal methods to our clients and work with their property, limitations, and budget.

Despite the condition of your tree, trust us at Coastal Tree Trimmers for safe tree removal and disposal at an affordable price. Call us at (910) 431-5731 or (910) 599-2565 for more information or to request a free estimate.  

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