What Causes a Tree Trunk to Split: Can it Be Repaired?

Have you ever wondered what causes a tree trunk to split? Trees sustain damage like all other plants caused by poor weather conditions, direct trauma from accidents, or disease.

Although some tree trunk splitting is normal, you should consult tree removal professionals in Wilmington to determine if your tree is growing healthy or if it needs professional attention. Leaving it unattended can lead to untold damage from falling trees on passing human traffic and nearby property.

What Causes a Tree Trunk to Split: Potential Causes of Tree Trunk Splitting

Tree trunks can split for various reasons. Some of the most common reasons include:

Internal Decay From Pests or Disease

Sometimes tree trunks split due to internal decay caused by disease or wood-boring pest infestations. Your professional arborist should be able to help you diagnose the cause of your split tree trunk and recommend the appropriate treatment. Young trees become particularly susceptible to disease and damage from pests.

Spring Frost Cracking

Split tree trunks can also occur in early spring with periods of constant thawing and freezing. These splits occur as vertical cracks on bark along the south-facing side of tree trunks.

Winter Sunscald

One of the most common reasons includes severe weather and temperature changes that lead to conditions such as sunscald. When the sun warms up a tree during a sunny winter day, the sudden temperature drop at night can cause the tree’s bark to split permanently. This phenomenon is often visible on the south-facing or southwest-facing sides of trees.

What To Do if Your Tree Trunk Splits

As soon as you notice a damaged tree with a split tree trunk, your best course of action is to consult a professional tree care service to determine the severity of the problem and whether it warrants removing the tree.

You can opt to follow various courses of action when dealing with a tree that has a split trunk:

Repair It

One solution involves taping the broken limbs together using duct tape to help prevent further damage to the split trunk. Your arborist will ensure that the tree’s limbs are reattached properly to enable the tree to heal properly.

You can also repair your damaged tree by removing the scarring, which helps the tree to heal faster. You can also drive bolts into the tree and support these bolts with washers to hold the split trunk together.

Finally, you can wrap young trees in reflective white paper to protect them from the cold winter temperatures. Remove this covering when spring arrives, and the weather begins to warm up.

As part of your normal year-round tree care routine, ensure that you fertilize and water young trees properly to make them strong and prepare them for the rigors of winter.

Remove It

If your tree trunk has completely split in half, only a certified arborist can oversee its removal. These professionals will ensure that the damage is handled safely without any injuries to human traffic and nearby properties. Unchecked, such trees can cause untold environmental and property damage as they fall.

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