How Long Does It Take to Remove a Tree: Factors and Considerations

If you’ve ever had a tree stump or a decaying tree in your backyard, you might be asking, how long does it take to remove a tree? Is it something you can do by yourself? When do you need the help of a professional arborist?

At Coastal Tree Trimmers, we receive thousands of questions every year from business owners and residents in North Carolina about stump removal and tree felling. Our tree removal services are the best in the business, and we can keep your home, commercial property, or landscaped yard free of any fungus-spreading stumps and barks for a reasonable price. If you are thinking about why dead tree removal is a must, talk to our professionals today, and we’ll gladly give you an explanation and offer you details on our services.

Tree bark and stump removal are a thousand times safer with industrial equipment in the hands of licensed professionals, so give us a call today, and we guarantee that you’ll have more usable space in your yard in a matter of hours.

What Equipment Do You Need to Remove a Tree?

Removing a tree might sound simple to the uninitiated, but it entails more work than you can imagine, especially if you’re doing it without machinery. Stump removal is a laborious process as roots can penetrate several feet underground.

For example, the Shagbark Hickory is one of the most common trees in North Carolina. It has a stature of up to 90 feet and a trunk that might exceed three feet in diameter. It’s one of the hardest woods in the world to cut down – you’ll have an easier time killing a Quaking Aspen or a Fraser Fir.

With the right set of tools, the difficulty of a tree removal service is significantly reduced. Our tree felling professionals are licensed to use the following industrial equipment:

  • Electric and gas-powered chainsaws with blades of various sizes to cut trunks, barks, and branches
  • Ladders, cranes, and rigging tools to provide a secure footing when cutting down a tree canopy
  • A commercial-sized wood chipper to make transport easier. A chipper is especially useful for quarantining the remains of diseased barks and branches
  • Stump grinders
  • Wedges and axes that allow us to control which direction the tree will fall
  • Safety equipment such as helmets, boots, gloves, and goggles

How Long Does It Take to Remove a Tree?

Your cutting time will depend on how experienced you are at tree removal and how long it would take you to move stuff out of the way. Even DIY arborists with years of tree relocation experience can’t predict how a job will go down because of many different factors.

Most trees with structural problems will already start bending in a particular direction. If you notice a tree in your yard starting to droop at an angle, it’s best to cut it down and let it fall in that direction.

A simple tree cutting will only take a couple of hours. However, three factors can affect the complexity of your job:

The Condition of the Tree

A healthy adult tree will be more difficult to remove than one that’s past its prime. However, it may be impractical to wait until a tree is nearing the end of its lifespan. The Shagbark Hickory and hundreds of other hardwoods in North Carolina have lifespans that can go beyond 300 years.

The Location of a Tree

If your tree is in the middle of a busy parking lot or sidewalk, you may need to hack it into a hundred pieces before you can cut it down completely. The location of a tree is the most significant factor that determines how long it would take to remove it.

The Type of Wood

Conifers or softwoods such as spruce, pine, and redwood are the easiest to cut down, while hardwoods like the ash, maple, and oak may take you hours just to cut down one branch.

Get Professional Help Today

So, how long does it take to remove a tree? It can range from four hours to a couple of days, depending on your landscaping situation.

If you are looking for tree service experts in Oak Island, contact Coastal Tree Trimmers. Call our 24/7 hotline at (910) 599-2565, and we will give you a free quote on your next tree removal job.

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