Four Reasons Why Dead Tree Removal Is a Must

Many homeowners in Wilmington, NC, desire to have neat and beautiful landscapes. However, getting and maintaining such landscapes will require you to perform several tasks, one of them being dead tree removal.

This post will look at how to determine whether your tree is dead and give you four reasons why removing a dead tree is necessary, helping you learn more about tree removal services in Wilmington, NC.

How To Know if Your Tree Is Dead

Determining whether your tree is dead can be challenging, especially in the winter. As challenging as this task might be, several things can help you know if you have a dead tree on your property.

Tree Trunk Damage

Look for visual damage on the tree’s trunk, like cracks running vertically along it. You could also check to see if your tree has its bark. Though the bark tends to fall off as the tree ages, new bark will grow to replace what falls off if the tree is healthy.

If your tree’s trunk has severe damage or has areas with no bark covering it, your tree is either in bad health or dead.

Fungus Growth

Can you spot any fungus growing around your tree’s trunk? Spotting fungus is often a sign that your tree’s internal parts are rotted, and your tree is dead.

Perform a Break or Scratch Test

Take a small knife and scratch the outside of your tree’s branches. If its inside is moist and green, your tree is healthy. However, ensure you do this on several other branches to see if your entire tree is free of dead branches.

Four Reasons Why Dead Tree Removal Is a Must

Though trees do offer several benefits, they can cause a host of problems when they are dead. Whether your tree has died because of age, disease, or been struck by lightning, removing it as soon as possible is crucial.

The following are four reasons why dead tree removal is a must.

1. Safety Hazard

Since a dead tree is not as firm, there is a stronger likelihood it could topple over. When it falls, the tree could land on your fence, car, house, neighbor’s house, or other pieces of property, causing damage and even injuries.

2. Protect Other Trees

If a disease killed your tree, not removing it could expose the other trees in your yard to the same disease if it is contagious. For example, if mold or mildew develops, it could spread and possibly destroy the vegetation on your landscape.

3. Prevent Pests

Dead trees are attractive to pests like carpenter ants and termites. Such bugs quickly multiply, placing other trees and your house in danger of infestation. Besides bugs, animals like rats are also known to build nests in dead trees. From here, they could easily invade your home in search of food or additional shelter.

4. Improve Your Landscapes Aesthetics

Dead trees are never attractive and will impact your yard’s aesthetic appeal. They tend to have branches falling off, bark peeling off, and are without any leaves. When your home’s curb appeal is impacted, it could lower your property value, eventually costing you when you decide to sell it.

A tree trimming and pruning service will give your yard that alluring yet unobtrusive look and entice any potential buyer.

Professional Dead Tree Removal Services

If you need to remove a dead tree, reach out to the professionals here at Coastal Tree Trimmers. We are committed to providing you with professional, dependable, affordable, and high-quality tree service.

Regardless of the size of the tree, we have the experience and expertise to offer you the dead tree removal services you need. Call Coastal Tree Trimmers today at (910) 431-5731 to get a free estimate for our Wilmington tree removal services.

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