What To Ask a Tree Removal Service: 7 Questions Before Hiring

With thousands of tree trimming companies in the US, property owners looking for a tree removal service have countless options. But how do you decide what company to work with? Asking the right questions can help you identify a reputable company in your area. Here’s what to ask a tree removal service before making the hiring decision.

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1. Are You Licensed and Insured?

Besides the basics, each state has its own regulations regarding tree removal. Working with a licensed company ensures the business is legitimate and operates within required regulations. It’s also vital that the company has sufficient insurance coverage. At a bare minimum, make sure the company you’re considering carries general liability and workers’ compensation insurance to cover damages and protect workers, your home, and their business.

2. How Much Experience Do You Have?

Having plenty of experience often translates to skill and expertise. You also want to ask about the specific problem you’re facing. If you have a dying tree, certified arborists may be able to bring it back to health. In some cases, you can save a beautiful tree and avoid removal. Similarly, a company highly experienced in tree removal will know the best way to remove it safely, meeting all legal requirements.

3. How Will You Do the Job?

There’s no harm in asking how each company will do the job, especially if it’s a complicated project. Asking about a company’s approach gives you an idea of its expertise and helps you find out if they’re a good fit. Watch out for any companies that recommend drastically different methods than the rest. It could be a red flag.

4. How Long Will the Process Take?

The length of time it takes to remove a tree varies significantly depending on the project’s complexity. There are certain factors and considerations for tree removal that can affect the time it will take to finish. Some trees can be taken down in no more than 15 minutes, while others can take a couple of hours. Usually, the more crowded or cramped up the tree’s location, the longer it will take to remove.

Ask each company to give you a ballpark estimate of how long the job will take. If anyone gives you a much shorter estimate, they might be cutting corners or don’t fully understand the job.

5. Can I Get a Detailed Estimate?

Ask for estimates from different companies so you can compare apples for apples. A detailed estimate also helps you understand the fee structure. When comparing estimates, consider more than just the total amounts. You want to hire a tree removal service that will not charge any unexpected or hidden fees. For example, some companies may charge extra to clean up your yard, while others will have it included in their estimate.

6. How Will You Protect My Property?

When it comes to tree removal, safety is a top priority. Find out what precautions the company takes to ensure safety for your property. These preventative measures might include protecting your landscaping from falling branches or ruts in your yard from vehicles used by the tree removal service.

7. Do You Have References? 

A reputable tree removal service should be able to provide references for their previous work. Talk to their customers and ask about the quality of work done. Don’t forget to check for online reviews to make sure the company has a good reputation.

When you know what to ask a tree removal service, you’ll have an easy time finding the right tree service company for the job.Look no further than Coastal Tree Trimmers if you need a professional tree removal service in Wilmington, NC. We are a local, family-owned tree care company committed to delivering fast and dependable services at reasonable prices. Call us today at (910) 431-5731 for a free estimate.

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